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The Poetic Life: WHAT IS IT?

Posted on 28 March 2016

Behind our company name, Poetic Kids, started a longing for the poetic life.


BELIEVE US when we tell you we have talked CIRCLES around this idea for MONTHS. Rose & I knew this business venture would mean adding a new priority in our lives that would require a lot of time and attention. We first equated The Poetic Life with work-life balance, but Rose pointed out, “I never liked the term ‘balanced life’. It makes me feel like there is a formula to achieve it--it is either right or wrong, black or white.”





 (The beautiful Rose, & her incredibly supportive husband and kids at her daughter's recent college graduation) 


So we scrapped the discussion. We focused on things and people that inspired us and tried to string together the common themes in their stories—while taking care of the demands of our new business.


In that time we quickly found work-life balance was FOR THE BIRDS and our own fulfillment and purpose was NEVER going to come from a formula or the perfect sleep schedule. Balance was about "things" and we were after something much deeper--heart-deep in fact.



(Kayla & her new husband--who recently put up with her managing a company, starting a company, planning a wedding, moving to a new town & buying a house in the past 6 months)



After weeks of talking about people and stories that inspired us, we HAD it. Sitting around a handmade kitchen table, sipping coffee on a Monday morning with two MacBooks and fifteen to-do lists, we FINALLY knew the difference between the ordinary and the poetic:

contentment & gratitude.

It was truly that simple. Whether it was people facing health struggles, financial issues, trouble finding work, broken families, parenting challenges, struggling businesses, unknown futures, or any given circumstance that brings us to wit’s end—those people we were in awe over all had a heart attitude of contentedness and gratitude.


OK PAUSE, full disclosure: This company was founded by two, Type A, driven, arranging, perfectionist, planning, multitasking, it-could-always-be-better extraordinaires. When the poetic life whispers, “content,” we shout, “MORE! BETTER! FASTER!” We are not experts in this. We are not gurus on the subject. Our past career successes have been built on anything BUT content. (We said full disclosure.)


We are, left to our own devices, un-poetic.

Since then, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are probably more women wired like us, than not. So we’re inviting you along for this journey as we meet, interview and learn from everyday, inspiring women who are living the poetic life, perhaps without even realizing it. They will move you, inspire you, and teach you as we share their stories. They are mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces, wives, sisters and friends.

Don't get us wrong--we LOVE unique & adorable clothes—but we love helping other women along in their journeys to inspired living just as much.


CHEERS TO THE POETIC LIFE! We can’t wait to journey with you.

Kayla & Rose




What does the poetic life mean to you? Share in the comments below & we’d be honored to talk with you!

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  • Crista Ballard: March 29, 2016

    I’ve wrestled with this idea of a ‘balanced life’ for years but lately it has really been laying heavy on my heart. After reading Rose and Kayla’s article I felt a huge amount of burden lifted. It helped me realize that I don’t need to have a so-called ‘balanced life’ of set schedules or a certain formula for life, because truly I’ll never get there and that’s completely okay!

    There are SO many pressures surrounding me, us, and everyone…but I think the biggest pressure is what we put on ourselves. I love the idea that Rose and Kayla mentioned the heart of the poetic life is a life of contentment and gratitude. This truly is a hard place to get to, and stay, so it’s awesome that they’re willing to open the conversation up so that we ladies can help each other out. :)

  • Melaina Maloney: March 28, 2016

    Having a poetic life means two things you mentioned: CONTENTMENT and GRATITUDE! No matter what the circumstance is!
    Two weeks before Christmas three months ago, my husband lost his job. I am at home with my two daughters. We recently moved to California from Vegas for my husbands job. I have been teaching and in education for 15 years and in four different states, and could not get licensed in California, even with my Masters degree, so I can not go and pick up and get a job. In that moment and as we were going through this together as a family, it humbles you to BE Content with everything and to BE grateful for everything you have! It was also humbling how much people helped us out without us even asking. It reminds me to often help others out, without return and to always be grateful for what you have! My husband ended up getting another job less than two weeks later, that ended up being a bigger promotion. :)

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