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HOW TO: 5 Steps To Throw a Kid's Party

Posted on 15 September 2016

Do you have kids with a birthday just around the corner? Do you want to throw them an awesome party, but you do not know where to start? We put together some simple steps, for you to throw your kids a birthday party they will remember forever.

Step 1: Pick a Theme

This may seem like the most simple step, but there are really so many different routes you could take! For girls, you can do a princess theme, flamingo theme, outdoor theme, all white theme, all pink theme, a movie theme, a show theme, a ballerina theme, a fruit theme, tropical theme, cowgirl theme, and the list could go on and on.
For boys, you could do a robot theme, a monster theme, a cowboy theme, an outdoor theme, a farm theme, an outer space theme, a color theme, a show theme, a movie theme, and the list could go on and on.
These are just ideas, but you should pick a theme that your kid loves and enjoys. This is their special day, and we want them to love it.

Step 2: Guest List

After you have a theme picked out, you need to get invitations ready! Send out invitations to family and friends, and also maybe your kids friends from school, their teachers, their coaches, and anyone that may be close to them.
After you figure out how many people you want at the party, and how big the guest list will be, make sure you have a place that is the right size to host the party.
You can either send an evite, an invitation through email, or you can send paper invitations. Either way, just make sure they go with your theme and you give people a 2 to 3 week notice!

Step 3: Decorations

Go ahead and plan out your decor. You can buy decor from the store, or you can DIY decor with ideas and instructions on our Pinterest board, "Poetic Parties."
Decor is dependent on where your venue is. For example, the decor for an outdoor venue will look a lot different than decor for an indoor venue.
Some easy and popular decorations are the large letter and number foil balloons. They work for every venue, every theme, and come in all different colors! You can spell out your child's name, spell out their initials, get their age in a number, and more. You can order them online, or you can pick them up from a party store near you.
Another easy decor item is streamers! Streamers can be used anywhere and for anything. They add a little color and fun to the mix!
Along with decorations, you can set up "stations" with activities for people to go to. You can have a painting station, playdoh station, crafting station, a game station, a photo-booth station, a card making station, or other things. Just make sure the stations tie into your theme and flow well with your venue.
Remember, always take pictures and detail shots of your decor - this is something you worked hard on! You want to remember this.

Step 4: Food

There are so many great recipes out there and great ideas for what to have as your food. The main thing to remember is, it needs to go with your theme and your decor. The best parties match in every detail of it!
Also, take into consideration the time of day the party is. If it falls close to breakfast, lunch, or dinner your guest may assume there will be a meal served - other than cake of course:). If you do not want to serve a meal and just want to provide snacks or desserts, you can put that on your invites so guest know beforehand.
A big part of the food for the party is the cake. You can get the classic birthday cake, or you can get cake pops, cupcakes, doughnuts, and more. There are so many options these days! So pick a type of "cake" and match it with your decor and you are good to go!
Be sure to snap a picture of the food, snacks, and desserts before anyone gets into them!

Step 5: Enjoy It!

Lastly, remember to enjoy the day and spend time your birthday kid! As moms, we can sometimes get lost in the details and the desire for perfection. At the end of the day, your kid just wants to have a fun time with his/her friends and family!
We hope you enjoyed this week's blog! Thanks for reading!

For more tips, tricks, and ideas for throwing the perfect kids party checkout our Pinterest Page, "Poetic Parties."

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